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US-2014283085-A1: Internet protocol threat prevention patent, US-2014283110-A1: Using a file whitelist patent, US-2014300166-A1: Vehicle seat patent, US-2014300235-A1: Rotor of motor and motor comprising rotor patent, US-2014302708-A1: Receptacle connector with detection function patent, US-2014337434-A1: Timing system and method with integrated event participant tracking management services patent, US-2014340457-A1: Printing apparatus, print head control apparatus, print head control method and storage medium patent, US-2014340800-A1: Circuit breaker trip unit with digital potentiometer patent, US-2014348234-A1: Codeword space reduction for intra chroma mode signaling for hevc patent, US-2014360468-A1: Method of organizing the working procedure in a spark ignition gas piston engine patent, US-2015002478-A1: Signal processing for acoustic user input patent, US-2015012933-A1: Methods, information providing system, and reception apparatus for distribution of at least one content version patent, US-2015019387-A1: Box-last packaging system patent, US-2015019656-A1: Electronic device and method for managing group e-mail patent, US-2015035573-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2015037043-A1: Optical Transceiver Capable of Controlling Self-Heating According to Temperature patent, US-2015047403-A1: Casting product reduction apparatus patent, US-2015059831-A1: Solar cell module patent, US-2015068384-A1: Hammer device and keyboard device for electronic keyboard instrument patent, US-2010067840-A1: Electronic device patent, US-2010068952-A1: Outboard motor patent, US-2010083979-A1: Mascara brush patent, US-2010085826-A1: Test circuit for measuring resistance distribution of Memory cells and semiconductor system including the same patent, US-2010096322-A1: Method for the biological cleaning of oil contaminated bottom sediments patent, US-2010107736-A1: Detection sensor, vibrator patent, US-2010131360-A1: Rate card yield management patent, US-2010139787-A1: Gas Overflow Safety Protector patent, US-2010164595-A1: Down-converter mixer patent, US-2010184448-A1: Method of Handling Radio Resource Control Connection Establishment for a Wireless Communication System and Related Communication Device patent, US-2010194056-A1: Disk brake patent, US-2010196278-A1: Photoacoustic imaging agent patent, US-2010206852-A1: Forced Pressure Power Supply Torch patent, US-2010232733-A1: Fluid dynamic bearing device patent, US-2010237947-A1: Amplifier supporting multiple gain modes patent, US-2010254151-A1: Headlight fixture for motor vehicles patent, US-2010256897-A1: Engine control apparatus patent, US-2010319879-A1: Multi-pressure condenser and condensate reheating method patent, US-2010323436-A1: Photobioreactor for large-scale culture of microalgal patent, US-2011007517-A1: License plate lamp patent, US-2011016719-A1: Method for fabricating a member of vehicle and side member produced by the same patent, US-2011036351-A1: Emergency oxygen supply device patent, US-2011080216-A1: Systems and Methods of Power Amplifier Digital Pre-Distortion patent, US-2011110876-A1: Sprayable beautifying composition patent, US-2011134082-A1: Information input system, method for inputting information and information input program patent, US-2011146262-A1: Electrohydraulic actuator with a pump incorporated in the piston patent, US-2011148630-A1: Apparatus and method for sensing photoplethysmogram and fall patent, US-2011167124-A1: Method and apparatus for efficiently managing "messages sent" file and resending of messages from mobile wireless communication device patent, US-2011177426-A1: Solid oxide fuel cell patent, US-2011208682-A1: Performance evaluating apparatus, performance evaluating method, and program patent, US-2011229131-A1: Versatile optical network interface methods and systems patent, US-2011245595-A1: Methods of deploying an implantable injection port patent, US-2011245698-A1: Device and method for identifying cardiac events patent, US-2011259002-A1: Stirling cycle epitrochoidal heat engine patent, US-2011263618-A1: Method of promoting hair growth patent, US-2011285135-A1: Fluid driven electric power generation system patent, US-2011289514-A1: Sharing and synchronization of objects patent, US-2011290928-A1: Webbing take-up device patent, US-2011311349-A1: Rotor element with a fluid passage and passage-blocking member and turbine engine including the rotor element patent, US-2011311435-A1: Method for producing spinel-type lithium manganate patent, US-2012030027-A1: System and method for presenting targeted content patent, US-2012041460-A1: Thrombus management system patent, US-2012061870-A1: Methods for microcellular injection molding patent, US-2012066843-A1: Inkjet dyeing method patent, US-2012082609-A1: Method for producing trichlorosilane with reduced boron compound impurities patent, US-2012090943-A1: Clutch plate separation patent, US-2012116551-A1: Data management apparatus and data distribution system patent, US-2012133547-A1: Automotive Radar System and Method for Using Same patent, US-2012135115-A1: Method for Preparation of Hard Foods for Consumption patent, US-2012136919-A1: Method and system for editing multimedia file patent, US-2012139380-A1: Motor system patent, US-2012145943-A1: High Curie temperature ternary piezoelectric ceramics patent, US-2012147526-A1: Solid electrolytic capacitor patent, US-2012169591-A1: Display device and control method therefor patent, US-2012169971-A1: Reflective Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display Device patent, US-2012185179-A1: Reactive gas detection in complex backgrounds patent, US-2012191884-A1: Providing virtual functions after an input/output adapter is moved from a first location to a second location patent, US-2012202998-A1: Novel method for preparing entecavir and intermediate used therein patent, US-2012214510-A1: Femto cell visitation history for location based services patent, US-2012214574-A1: Gaming machine executing free game and control method thereof patent, US-2012217935-A1: Circuits and Methods for Automatic Power Source Detection patent, US-2012225409-A1: Method For Producing Individual Drilling Templates For Dental Implant Surgery In A Patient's Jawbone patent, US-2012231780-A1: Method for Cellular Telephone Adaptation and Mobile Communication System patent, US-2012244005-A1: High camber compressor rotor blade patent, US-2012264381-A1: Multi-Standard Transceiver, Device and Method patent, US-2012268366-A1: Method and Device for Visual Compensation patent, US-2012278147-A1: Method and Apparatus for Online Marketing patent, US-2012288103-A1: Method for detecting audio ticks in a noisy environment patent, US-2012298926-A1: Composite materials, production thereof and use thereof in electrical cells patent, US-2012302205-A1: Method and system for the online charging of a subscriber, program and computer program product patent, US-2012310782-A1: System for user to user payments facilitated by a third party patent, US-2012321233-A1: Two-piece retainer and two-piece roller bearing patent, US-2013008020-A1: Removal apparatuses for semiconductor chips and methods of removing semiconductor chips patent, US-2013009852-A1: Linkable Electronic Display Devices patent, US-2013041048-A1: Method of improving stability of polyurethane polyol blends containing halogenated olefin blowing agent patent, US-2013077750-A1: X-ray apparatus patent, US-2013093822-A1: Recording apparatus patent, US-2013123727-A1: Disposable wearing article patent, US-2013128972-A1: Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus patent, US-2013297992-A1: Data processing device and data processing method patent, US-2013130646-A1: Mobile communication terminal and method for managing sim cards patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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